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Information About Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

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All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs are a popular choice in America because of their speed and adventurous driving experience. Car buyers looking for an affordable option opt for second-hand ATVs for experiencing off-road, uneven terrain driving. The key to buying a functional, and safe ATV is knowing the history of the car and thereby making an informed decision. This is possible with an online tool, referred to as ATV vin check, that provides a comprehensive database with sensitive information on registered vehicles across the USA.


The VIN is the vehicle identification number, which is a unique code used to recognize individual vehicles. The code consists of 17 characters including numbers, alphabets, symbols, etc. The following is the standard format followed by the manufacturers of ATVs.

  • The first character refers to the country code
  • The second digit refers to the manufacturer of the ATV
  • The third character is the code for the type of vehicle
  • From the fourth to the eighth characters showcases the model, engine type, and engine size of the vehicle
  • The night character is used for accuracy evaluation that confirms the previous character codes used by authorized manufacturers
  • The tenth code character refers to the year of manufacturing
  • The fifth character is the code used for the factory where the vehicle has been manufactured
  • Finally, from the 12th to the 17th character, the serial number of the vehicle is represented

Location of ATV VIN

The location of the ATV VIN varies from one manufacturer to the other. In the majority of the cases, one can conduct atv vin check from the left side of the frame below the shifter. This is one such area in the vehicle that is easy to locate and the reason for using it for ATV VIN.

Some other not to easy to find locations of ATV VIN are as follows:

  • Near the left wheel, usually behind the wheel wall, or inside the wheel well on the left side by the radiator
  • Frame’s left side below the engine
  • On the frame below the tail section
  • Across the plastic hood’s slit portion

One can also find the vehicle identification number in the following vehicle-associated documents

  • Registrations of the vehicle
  • The insurance documents
  • Vehicle titles
  • Dealer’s original bill of sale

What do VINs decode?

Undertaking the ATV VIN check can decode the following aspects.

  • The title history of the ATV
  • The details of the registration of the vehicle
  • Whether the ATV is covered by a recall
  • The specification details of the vehicle
  • The recorded mileage covered by the ATV
  • The presence of any damage records due to accidents, and natural accidents
  • Any associated theft records
  • The presence of a rolled-back odometer
  • Financial obligations related to the vehicle


Having reliable information about the ATV helps the potential buyer to make an informed decision. Furthermore, atv vin check helps to evaluate thoroughly the complete history of the vehicle. This is significantly important to avoid being scammed in purchasing stolen and illegal vehicles. Vehicle buyers must realize the importance and significance of undertaking the VIN check.

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