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 Just Discovered A Dent In Your Car? Repair It Yourself!

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Finding a dent in your car is always unpleasant because every print is always a loss of value. As a complete external bodywork renovation in a professional body shop can be very expensive, it is worth trying at home. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to remove dents from your car.

A dent in the bodywork does not always mean damage to the paintwork. Modern car paints are pretty elastic, so that with some luck, it is possible to treat a dent without applying paint. However, the essential thing for dent removal is heat. Cold lacquer is porous and splits easily. Therefore, a dent should always be treated with sufficient heat to allow the paint to adjust to the movements of the sheet metal.

If the dent is not very large, boiling water should be poured over the dented area. If access is possible from the front – for example, at a point close to the wheel arch – pressure should be applied outwards, away from the buckle, to return the sheet metal to its original position. Be cautious with this home method of dent removal because, in some cases, it can damage the color of the bodywork, and you will end up taking your car to a dallas dent repair service to match the paint in that area.

If this option is not possible, tap or use a suction cup to help remove the damaged area. In any case, it should be noted that existing scratches or scuffs will not be removed. It is also essential to perform this trick while wearing gloves to protect your hands from possible burns.

Currently, there are kits for sale to perform them ourselves that do not exceed $100, including a sliding hammer and removal tabs to remove them without too much hassle.

In addition to the sliding side hammer and the tabs to remove the dents, we need isopropyl alcohol, a clean cloth, a plastic spatula, and hot silicon glue.

To start, we need to clean the surface to be treated very well, to remove any grease or dirt; this is where the alcohol wipe comes in so that the glue will work properly.

The dent repair kit should have extraction tabs of different sizes, so we need to choose what best suits what we need to extract.

Next, we need to connect our silicone glue gun and wait until it is hot enough to apply it on the extraction tab. That is when it starts to come out of the gun on its own.

Then apply a layer of glue on the tab and place it in the center of the dent. You have to wait for the hot glue to dry completely (it takes a couple of minutes). Otherwise, it will not work correctly. It is time to use our slide hammer, placing the corresponding clamp for the tab, and put it in position to begin to remove the dent.

We have to clarify that putting too much enthusiasm in the hammer can worsen the dent quickly, so we suggest not to give a decisive blow at the beginning; it is better to start little by little to see how the panel reacts where the dent is.

As we pull the hammer, we notice how the dent is yielding, and it is essential not to exceed the force applied because we can create an irregular surface in the dented area.

Then, the small plastic spatula will help us remove the glued tab of our car and the excess glue that has remained on the surface.

Be very careful with this type of home remedy; if the dent is too big or if you apply too much force, you can aggravate the problem or damage the paint of your car, which would make it necessary to go to an expert dallas dent repair.

Don’t forget, the smoother and rounder the outer edges of a dent are, the easier it will be to repair. On the other hand, if the border is sharp and bent, homemade means may not work, and you will need to go to a dallas dent repair service.

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