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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Genuine Car Parts.

Buying any kind of car can be an expensive proposition because even though you have shelled out the money to buy the car initially, the likelihood that there will be ongoing maintenance is quite high. This additional cost is not to be sneezed at and can run into many thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the vehicle. After the initial purchase of a car, many people try to save money by buying second-hand parts or spurious parts, but rather than saving money, they are in fact, costing themselves more money.

Peace of mind.

There are reasons why car manufacturers insist that you use genuine parts for your vehicle. It isn’t because they want you to spend more money, it is because they know that if you use genuine parts, that they will last longer and the likelihood of them breaking down is less. There are a number of dealers that offer a full car service in Canberra, and they will advise you to use genuine parts for the following reasons.

  • Protects your warranty – If you buy new, your car will probably have a warranty of about three years, and so the manufacturer will insist that you use genuine car parts, when your car needs some attention. If you decide to use cheaper spurious parts, then your warranty will become null and void.
  • Readily available – All of us at some point or another have had a car that we just can’t find a second-hand part for. The amount of time and money wasted driving around from place to place trying to find a part that could be got so easily, if you just put on the genuine part.
  • Quality and longevity – Putting a genuine part on your vehicle ensures that you are getting the best quality part that is available for this particular model. Because it is genuine, you can expect it to last you many years, and the likelihood of you having to replace the part again is slim. Even then, the genuine part is also covered by a warranty.

It can be tempting to try to save yourself some money when you compare the price of the genuine part to that of a spurious one. Sometimes, the savings are significant, but you need to look at things in the long term, and you need to look at things from the point of safety. Putting genuine parts on your vehicle gives you the peace of mind required when you’re driving around the town, or on long trips with your family in the car.