Some Pointers For Passing Your Driver’s Test

Australia is a country that loves cars, which is demonstrated by the fact that there are over one million licensed drivers down under! While every state and territory issues its own license, there is a national standard they all meet, and you can drive anywhere in the country on any license. Like most nations, there is a process of study followed by issue of a temporary “Learner’s Permit” leading to a completely valid “Driver’s Licence”.

If you are getting ready to begin your Australian driving adventure, you may want to consider attending an accredited driving school program like Learning Curve Driving Academy, where you can get real-time hands-on instruction from their professional instructors that will put you at the head of your class when it’s time to take that final driving test!

Here are some pointers on how to make your final exam go smoothly so that you walk out the door as a licensed driver!

Read The Test Guide – Every state or territory has a somewhat different set of rules regarding their test, so be sure to carefully read the guide that yours provides. In general, candidates are judged on the following five factors:

  1. Road Position
  2. Vehicle Control
  3. Speed Management
  4. Decision Making
  5. Response To Hazards

Focus On Your Weaknesses – By the time you take the final driving test you will have logged in around 100 hours of driving on your learner’s permit. Even so, there are probably going to be a few things you still have some difficulty with, like the dreaded art of parallel parking. The answer is to go out and practice some more until you feel you have truly mastered the skill!

The Best Time Of Day – Make a point of booking your exam at a time of day when the traffic will be a bit lighter, for example, 10 AM to 12 PM, or 1 PM to 3 PM. Trying to do it during times with school traffic or during rush hour will just add more stress!

Be Punctual – Speaking of time, you should make sure you are on time! Late arrivals will find their tests have been cancelled! Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to be safe, it will make you look good, too.

Know Your Car – make sure you drive a car that you know well and have practised into the test, you don’t want any surprises like trying to figure out where the hazard light switch is while out on the road with your examiner!

Listen Carefully – It’s critical to listen carefully to the examiner, and if you aren’t sure, politely ask for clarification. People fail the exam because they aren’t focused on the instructions, so don’t get distracted!

Stay Calm – Remember that your examiner actually wants you to succeed, but you need to stay calm and demonstrate that you are in control so they can give you your passing grade.

We hope these pointers help you pass your driving test!