A Guide to Riding a Sports Road Motorcycle

If you fancy yourself as a Mark Marquez, there are some tasty road bikes on the market today that use Moto GP technology, with great Yamaha bike deals for their amazing Yamaha Sport Series, which consists of small, medium and high-powered bikes of the R series. Of course, you can’t start on something like the R6, which is the flagship of the range, but with the R1.5 and the R3, you have the perfect bike for the novice rider.

Safe Riding

It is imperative that you have some form of instruction if you’re new to bike riding, especially with the power you can access, and there are riding schools where you can practice the basics of bike handling and control. Riding a very powerful bike demands a high level of responsibility, and you never take chances, under any conditions.

Protective Clothing & Equipment

Of course, you do need the right clothing, and while no one wants to come off the bike, you must be prepared for a spill, with leather pants and a motorcycle jacket with essential padding on the shoulders and elbows, plus you need a good quality full-face helmet and some gloves. The other thing you need is a good pair of boots that offer ankle protection, and you are good to go. Resist the urge to ride with shorts and a T-shirt, as coming off would be extremely painful, even at low speed, as tarmac always wins when it meets skin and tissue. Wearing the right gear won’t guarantee no injuries, but it will offer the best protection, and that is what you want when riding at speeds.

Comprehensive Insurance

Your superbike will be a considerable investment and one that demands comprehensive insurance, with recovery if you are planning to ride interstate. If your bike was stolen, your insurance would cover the cost of a replacement, plus accidental damage would also be included with a comprehensive policy.

Wet Weather Riding

Ideally, you would have two modes of riding, dry and wet, with wet weather riding that takes into account the road surface conditions. Be very careful with the power delivery in the wet, as even a little too much throttle can result in losing the back wheel, especially when leaning on bends, and your rear brake should be the primary source of slowing down when riding in the wet.

If approached with safety in mind, road biking can be great fun, and get some training under your belt before you go out on the roads.

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