Choosing the Right Van for Your Business

Buying or leasing a van, especially for business purposes, can be a very important decision. With so many different van types, it’s hard to know which might be best. Here are a few commonly used vans for businesses.

Panel Vans

Panel vans are arguably one of the most familiar vans you will see on the road. They have both sliding door and rear opening doors, which helps make any sort of loading or unloading an easy task. These practical vans have a lot of space, and come in many different heights, to make it easy for business owners. You can find panel vans at any van dealer, as they are highly rated and easy for transport. One thing to note about panel vans is that there is limited accessibility when it comes to windows—there’s a windscreen and driver/passenger doors, but the other sides of the van are what give this the “panel” van name.


Probably the second-most popular van for businesses is the pick-up van. These tend to have single or even double-cab options. You can also choose to have an exposed flatbed style in the back or one with a roof overhead. Pick-ups are great for large haul loads and are very heavy-duty.

Crew Vans

Think of a crew van as having the best of both worlds for your business. Crew vans are large to have ample space for storage; however, as the name suggests, there is also space for a crew of people to sit. These vans are quite large and although they look bulky, they are fairly easy to handle and are great for a multitude of jobs.

Tipper (Dropside) Vans

The most heavy-duty vans you might use for a business would be tipper/dropside vans. These are very similar. Both have a flatbed in the back for loading heavy-duty machinery or product. Tippers can raise the beds at an angle to help push the load out from the back, making any unloading a very quick job! Dropsides might have extra room for a crew cab, and work very well for transporting large loads, such as gravel or sand.

All businesses are different, and each have their specific requirements to keep business running smoothly. Some businesses have more use for transporting workers, while others may need heavy-duty loading and lifting vans to help improve their company. While there are other vans that a business might use, these four types are a great start for a new business looking for a new means of transportation.