For A Better Ride, Visit A Texas Tire Shop For Wheel Alignment

When is the last time you had your wheels aligned?

Wheel alignment is one of the best ways a Texas driver can improve their vehicle’s safety and ensure a smooth ride on the road, while also being easy and inexpensive. In fact, it’s a good idea to have your alignment checked frequently, around every 6,000-8,000 miles. Or, roughly, with every other oil change.

So let’s talk about what wheel alignment means, and how it helps.

The Basics Of Wheel Alignment In Texas

Wheel alignment is concerned with how your wheels are pointed when they make contact with the road. Proper alignment means that the wheels on each axle are perfectly parallel to each other, and pointed straight down the road with no deviation. Being turned inwards or outwards, or even being angled in or out vertically, can have a big impact on how well the vehicle drives.

Poor wheel alignment can cause numerous problems, such as:

1 – Poor handling

Misaligned tires can be harder to turn, particularly if they aren’t quite flush. In addition, if the wheels are both tilted in the same direction, it could cause your car to ‘pull’ to one side, requiring constant force on the wheel to keep it going straight.

2 – Faster tire wear

Badly-aligned tires will also wear down more unevenly than properly-installed wheels, which shortens the lifespan of your tires. Over time, this uneven wear will also make them more vulnerable to damage, blowouts, and other dangerous issues.

3 – Worse fuel efficiency

We’re all trying to cut fuel use as much as possible – so don’t let your tires ruin it. Badly aligned wheels require more effort from the engine to keep running straight, so that causes your car’s fuel consumption to increase.

4 – Rough rides

Have you ever had a shopping cart with a bad wheel that keeps jittering as you move? The same basic thing can happen with poor wheel alignment, leading to an uncomfortably bumpy or vibration-filled ride.

Periodic Wheel Alignment In Texas Is A Good Idea

The good news here is that wheel alignment is easy to take care of. Any competent tire shop in Texas can check your alignment in a matter of minutes, using computer-guided tools which are far more precise than human measurement. Poor alignment usually can’t be seen visually (unless the alignment is dangerously bad) so it’s important to let experts handle the alignment measurements.

If re-alignment is needed, that is also typically a fast procedure – probably well less than an hour, except in extreme cases. It’s a simple bit of maintenance that can improve your safety, reduce fuel use, and extend your tires’ lifespan. There’s simply no downside, so be sure to have your wheel alignment checked regularly!