Use Tips That Ensure Hassle-Free Shipping of Your Vehicle

A majority of people do not have much experience when it comes to car shipping. It is important to learn the entire shipping process to ensure the safe, efficient, and fast arrival of the car to the destination. Proper preparation in advance reduces the chances of damage and repairs, and theft of precious personal items, to ensure the transportation process remains on a realistic schedule.

Don’t post your car shipping information on a multi-quote site

Posting your car shipping needs on a multi-quote website will get you annoying phone calls and emails from several companies. It is better to upload your requirements only to a reputable and licensed auto shipping service provider. This way, you will receive the most precise rate and an assurance of a legitimate service.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a leading auto transport service provider that offers door-to-door and coast-to-coast transportation shipping services from anywhere in the US. The company offers a direct pickup and drop off facility at any residence, workplace, auction, dealership, or storage unit.

Don’t choose a firm that offers the lowest price

Don’t become the prey of scam companies who offer the lowest quote to lure innocent customers. A majority of such companies are looking to obtain upfront and non-refundable deposits for you.

Check their customer service records

Go with the shipping firm that offers the best level of customer service to its customers. Give priority to their rate of issue resolution, and customer satisfaction.

Carefully Read Their Policies Before Signing a Contract

Before you book a transport firm, you should thoroughly read the service contract. Ensure to get a written confirmation in the form of email or fax. Read everything that the shipping company sends before you sign it.

Important Questions to Ask an Auto Transport Process

What factors are considered to form a transportation quote?

Below are the important factors that a shipping firm considers to arrive at a precise quote.

  • source and destination to ship a vehicle
  • make / model of the vehicle,
  • desired date of pick-up and delivery of the vehicle
  • type of carrier service needed (open/enclosed)

How long is it going to take to ship my car?

In a majority of cases, three to five days are needed for the vehicle to get accepted by a carrier. After picking up the car, the shipping time depends on the distance to be travelled between the source and the destination.

In case of coast-to-coast shipping, it could be between 7 and 10 days and 3 to 5 days for shipping between the west coast to the mid-west.

Is it possible to ship an unworkable vehicle?

Yes. The only requirement to ship such vehicles is that the vehicle should roll, steer, and brake. An additional fee is liable based on the difficulty of loading.


Shipping the car with the support of a reliable transport company in place of driving makes the transportation less hectic and more streamlined. Getting your vehicle ready to transport before the arrival of the transportation service reduces the hassle and ensures timely execution of the task. Follow the above guide to ship a vehicle in the best condition.